Every diamond has certain characteristics that define its quality. They are known as 4Cs: colour, clarity, cut and carat weight.

A letter grade from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow) is assigned to each diamond to evaluate its natural tint. With an exception of colourful diamonds (pink, blue, etc.), the closer to being colourless the diamond is, the rarer it is. The colour directly affects the stone’s appearance, therefore ASR JWLS accepts only F+ colour diamonds which belong to the highest grade.

Internal flaws visible under 10x power magnification define the clarity of the diamond.  Inclusions hinder the refraction and return of light, therefore, the lower the grade, the cloudier the diamond is.

ASR JWLS does not approve of the diamond with noticeable imperfections to the unaided eye. All of the diamonds are graded VS or higher on the scale. Exceptions are only made to rough or Fancy Coloured diamonds.

Cut is probably the most important characteristic of the stone, which refers to the interaction of the diamond’s facets with light. The most important factors that determine the quality is proportion, symmetry and polish. A too deep or too shallow cut of the diamond may allow the light to escape through its sides or bottom. 


The movement of light may also be affected by misaligned facets and the outside finish of the diamond. Exceptionally excellently cut diamonds are used in the artwork created by ASR JWLS.

Carat defines the weight of a diamond and equals 0.20 grams. Carat weight is definitely the least important criterion to determine the beauty of a stone, however, it directly refers to its size. Diamonds of different shapes have a different carat weight. Some diamonds may have a higher weight regardless of their size. For instance, two stones of the same carat weight can vary widely in price depending on their clarity, colour and cut.

Other gemstones

Apart from diamonds, ASR JWLS uses a lot of uncut minerals and precious stones. All of these stones are thoroughly chosen and handpicked from reputable dealers at gemstone fairs around the world. The artist is especially attentive to this part of his creative process, as gems largely determine the final look of the jewellery. It is important to point out that each gemstone crystal found on earth is unique. For this reason, every finished piece of jewellery is different. 

In addition, the artist continuously searches for rare gemstones that later become pieces of limited edition and are only produced in little amounts or even as single pieces. Please note that some of the rings will not ever be reproduced once they are sold. 

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